Residential Design

Contacting us is your first step to becoming one of our clients. First, we will discuss the scope of your project and required services; we will also share our experience with similar projects.

During our free of charge onsite consultation with a Proficient and Experienced ALTIMA designer, you will enjoy a conversation that will cover every single point after getting to know you and define your goals for the space of your home. Our experienced designer will help you in the determination of the overall project goals, as well as the vision for style and design; they will also discuss the paint colour, the options for furniture placement, the needed windows treatment, possible ideas for creative wall treatments. At Altima Kitchens and Closets, we stand tall that our professional designers are detail oriented; they will not miss discussing the built-ins, proportions, scale and balance with you; once needed, they will provide you with ideas regarding rugs and flooring colours and dimensions as well as, staging placement and accessories suggestions. Moreover, they will provide the needed construction and renovation advice.

At Altima Kitchens and Closets, we offer the best Interior Designs with End-to-End Turnkey Renovation for residential projects.

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