Media Units

Unique design


Because the living room is where you spend the majority of your spare time, where you congregate with family and friends, it should be well-designed and furnished to provide a pleasant and relaxing stay every day. It should be decorated to your unique taste in order to make you feel at ease and comfortable.

We specialize in transforming walls of your living room, dining room, bedrooms, game room or study room with perfect blending of style, storage and best storage organization.

Each wall is individually designed and customized to match your needs and requirement with special eye on aesthetics and beauty. We create an artistic combination of ¾ Inch Melamine or solid wood profile doors and stone/granite work.

Media centers and TV wall units display your television, electric fireplace and other electronics in a visually good-looking way.

What are Media Units?

Media Units can be customized shelving units mounted to the wall. Which wall? You can use any wall, and we have the design skills and the materials to create Media Units that can be used anywhere in your home.

Different types of Media Units

Although you might think of Media Units as custom entertainment centers for your living room, there are many types of Media Units. These units are discrete units that can be arranged to make your required storage unit. There are several types of Media Units:

Units with a single wall: These units are equipped with a single door.

Double-Media Units: These units feature a double door. These units are usually larger than single units.

Top boxes: These shelves are placed on top of Media Units. These boxes look like the luggage compartments you would find on a plane.

Corner units: These units are closed shelving units used in corners.

Custom units: These units can be customized in shape or may have unique storage options, such as wine bottles and glasses support.

These units are one of the most versatile and practical storage options. They can be placed in any room and used to fulfill a wide range of storage needs.

You might still want to learn more about Media Units Contractor in Whitby, and these are some suggestions:

You can have your library. Choose large units for your bedroom or home office and fill them with your favorite books.

Winter gear: How do you store your skates, hockey sticks, skis, and snowboards safely? These large and unique items can be stored in custom Media Units.

Bedroom decor: Media Units for bedrooms can be both practical and beautiful. Home Entertainment & TV Wall Unit Systems

A TV sitting on top of a table is not something anyone likes. A custom-built wall unit system can be used to organize your entertainment items, allowing you to place TVs and speakers in the front while hiding the clutter of wires.

Custom Fireplace

A fireplace can be used to highlight a wall unit that is already built in. Our custom Media Units frame your fireplace to create a classic mantelpiece effect.

Books and Collectables

Custom Media Units can display your collectibles and provide storage space for your books. The best custom Media Units have been built to organize your books.

Bar Unit

Altima Kitchens and Closets can create a customized bar to meet your specific needs in Brampton and Whitby. The sophisticated look of a bar unit in your living room or recreation area will impress family and friends all year.

Media Units Prices in Brampton

How much does a custom-built-in wall unit in Toronto cost? These units can be pretty affordable; you might be surprised. Although custom cabinets seem expensive and not something the wealthy would consider, Media Units are affordable for large families with tight budgets. Those with large families might need the most custom storage. Although we cannot give an exact cost, we offer consultations for no charge. We will help you determine your budget and make the right decisions.

Brampton’s most trusted manufacturer of custom Media Units

Our custom-built-in Media Units can be customized to your exact specifications. We can order them in any style, color, or material you prefer. We also deliver and install throughout Brampton and the Whitby. Altima Kitchens and Closets Media Unit Company in Brampton is the right choice for your wall unit design and installation. Every client we serve is guaranteed 100% satisfaction. We will work with you to create the wall unit that suits your needs. While we offer our expertise, you make the final decisions. Contact us today to discuss what kind of wall unit is right for you. You can view our gallery for style inspiration or contact us to arrange a free consultation in your home.