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Welcome to Our Closets Section

If you love tidy and orderly wardrobe you know your closet is the closest to your heart and to your room, we at Altima kitchens and closets understand this fact with precision.
Everyone deserves the beautiful simplicity of a custom closet. Our innovative designs can take your closet system to the next level of organization. Our closet remodels are designed to fit your space and your budget!
We make sure that your dream closet is being provided with nothing but the best cabinets and closets. Our interior designer’s team holds great expertise in redesigning, renovating, remodeling, or transforming your room into a dream come true with their magic wand of creativity.
With our Innovative ideas, we optimize the closet space with the right mix and placement of various accessories like jewellery trays, Pant racks, Tile and Belt Pull out, Sliding shoe rack and Drawer Dividers.

Design Your Dream Closet with Expert Tips

Everyone wants a stylish and beautiful closet. It doesn’t matter if you are building a new closet or remodeling an existing one; designing a closet can be difficult. A lot goes into creating a closet system that works in Brampton & Whitby.

Here are some top tips for designing your closet

Here are some tips to help you create a functional and stylish closet inspired by the latest closet design trends.
1. Declutter Your Stuff
To begin planning your dream closet, eliminate everything you don’t use or are too old. Start by listing all the items you use and their frequency to create a closet.
2. Plan Ahead
Consider your personal preferences before you start designing your closet. Also, think about how you would like to store your clothes. You can choose open shelving, see-through glass doors, or closed wardrobes. Consider how you want to organize your closet by function, type, and color.
3. Layout and style
For exceptional closet organization and storage, the layout is crucial. Optimizing the storage space and making the closet appear larger is essential. Before deciding on the layout that suits your wardrobe space best, consider your closet’s dimensions and shape. Take advantage of every vertical space and install cabinetry that extends to the ceiling. Altima Kitchens And Closets offer wardrobe solutions that include deep shelving and drawers, which provide maximum storage.
4. Brighten Up Your Closet
The proper lighting can make your space look bigger and more spacious, no matter how big or small. You can make your space feel more spacious and organized with thoughtful lighting design.

Your closet’s dimensions and personal preferences will determine the best lighting solution. You can use recessed puck lights on top shelves or ribbon lights along the edges.
5. Glamorize your Custom Closet Company in Whitby
Add luxury elements such as full-length mirrors and chandeliers to give your closet a glamorous look. Open shelves or see-through glass cabinets will show off your possessions with style. Your closet will be more charming with luxurious drapery, recessed lighting, and ottomans, poufs, or an antique bench as seating options.

Even small changes, such as replacing cabinet handles with crystal knobs or gold ones, can make a big difference. You can choose many closet designs from Closets Company in Brampton that is luxurious and high-end.
6. Add a personal touch.
Closets are a personal space within a house and should be unique. You can show off your personality more efficiently and show off the clothes, shoes, and bags you love with a dream closet. You can personalize your closet by adding accessories or unique artefacts.

Bright colors can be used to personalize your wardrobe. You can use colorful artwork, wood laminates, full-length mirrors, or marble islands to enhance your space.

Altima Kitchens and Closets is regarded as one of best Custom Closet Company in Brampton. We can design an efficient, stylish, and fashionable space for you, no matter your closet size.